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Quick Gluten Free Dinner Rolls

Quick Gluten Free Dinner Rolls

One of my best loved breads from childhood was a recipe from a dear family friend, Mrs. Sanford.  I loved when my mom made her rolls for special dinners. After being diagnosed with celiac disease, I hated not having a delicious, soft, slightly sweet dinner roll at Christmas or Easter dinner.

I began my quest for a great gluten free dinner roll with Mrs. Sanford’s recipe..and my memories.  I have been working for a long time trying to get this recipe just right…and at last I have success.  So many versions of this recipe, but this last one…so good!  And best of all…fast!  These were made, shaped, and on the table in 45 minutes.  Seriously.   Continue reading


Gluten Free Pumpkin Muffins


Gluten Free Pumpkin MuffinI love to make muffins for breakfast, especially on a slow weekend morning.  When I saw a recipe for pumpkin muffins on the King Arthur flour blog, I was intrigued.  It uses a whole can of pumpkin (15 ounces!) in the recipe.  I knew these would make wonderful gluten free pumpkin muffins…and I was right.  These are simply the best muffins I have ever had!

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